Fiona Brunk

Fiona Brunk first found SCD at the University of St Andrews, where she taught for several years. Whilst snooping around for snippets of information to share, we spoke to anold University friend of Fiona’s – who cheerfully informed us that, despite initially refusing to try teaching at all, she could have a whole class of beginners wrapped around her little finger in under an hour. While she tells us she loves technique and believes it can be fun for everyone, we often see her infecting whole rooms of people with the same joy and enthusiasm she shows when she dances. We loved her classes in Bonn last year and are delighted that she has agreed to come back to Scotland to join us for Spring Fling.


 Alasdair Brown

Alasdair Brown has been dancing since his wee pointed toes could carry him. A Spring Fling teaching veteran, he is no stranger to the Glasgow dancing scene and can usually be found front and centre of classes, both at home and throughout Europe. Alasdair was first taught SCD by his parents so we are fairly convinced it runs in the family. When not adjudicating or competing, he can often be spotted dancing with his toddler at the side of the social dance floor. His speciality is writing and teaching dances ranging from impressive displays to the downright insane and, though we can’t quite convince him to wear a traffic cone on his head, he is looking forward to sharing the fun with us at the Spring Fling weekend.

Caroline Holmes

A primary school teacher by day, Caroline Holmes has been teaching SCD for more years than we are allowed to tell you. In April next year we are happy to announce that she will be teaching our youngest attendees! When she’s not working with our Alba kids, Caroline can be found developing dancing and teaching in more than one University group. Local legend has it that she can improve a dancer’s turnout with one well-timed eyebrow twitch – and that she can make your toes point using only her mind. But since we also know from first hand experience that Caroline’s classes are brilliant fun, full of silliness and giggling fits, we’re confident our kids are in excellent hands! (We are considering sneaking away from committee duties to join the madness in their class instead …) Caroline’s biggest motivation right now is to improve the young Scottish Country dance and teaching scene in Glasgow and across the rest of Scotland and we are absolutely delighted that she has agreed to work with us for Spring Fling.

Carol-Ann Knox

Carol-Ann is one of the wonderful teachers local to Glasgow. She has been dancing since she was wee, and can be found on the social dance floor as often as possible where she has a remarkable ability for remembering everyone’s names. Carol-Ann has taught all sorts of groups, including Glasgow branch classes, university clubs, kids’ classes and competitive teams. Carol-Ann has also been a driving force behind the fast growing young Scottish country dance scene in Glasgow, and so is the perfect fit for teaching at Spring Fling. She spends a lot of time advising and feeding cake to members of the Glasgow University club and Alba, our local alumni group. She’s excited to be able to share the fun and energy of Glasgow’s young dance scene with you all.