We are a wonderfully crazy bunch of dancers who are either currently dancing in Glasgow, have been dancing in Glasgow or who want to come back to dance in Glasgow. We will be donning our committee t-shirts at a dancing event near you. Feel free to come and say hi and read about us below.


Leanne learned to dance before she learned to walk. As a toddler, her favourite game was standing on her dad’s feet and waltzing round the kitchen – and the dancing bug has never really gone away. Though she started off with Highland at the age of four, she soon found the world of SCD and has been part of it ever since. Although her favourite thing is choreographing and teaching weird and wonderful displays that break the rules of SCD, Leanne is usually spotted dancing on the University ball circuit as she has most fun encouraging new young dancers to enjoy it and get involved. She is excited about the growing enthusiasm for dancing and teaching in Glasgow and is delighted to be part of the team making Spring Fling happen here next year.


Being born to parents who met through dancing, Andrew didn’t really have a choice but to get into SCD but it has lead to a number of great experiences and many good friends, so he isn’t gonna complain even if he loves a good rant. Aside from football (which rarely ends well), he is most likely to spend his spare time doing something related to SCD.

Andrew has danced with groups across country in a vast range of event including many folk dance festivals, both domestic and abroad. One thing that Andrew enjoys most is seeing how people can make interesting and fun changes to traditional dances both socially and for demonstrations which will keep reinventing the dance form.

He’s also a nice man!


Having started to dance in her second year of Uni Malin got infected with Scottish Country Dancing very quickly. She very much feels at home in the dancing scenes of Erlangen (and the rest of Germany) as well as in Glasgow and Scotland after she spent a year full of dancing (and a bit of studying) here. She loves doing lots of popular variations as well as dancing with beginners or kids (or all together ) because it’s all about having fun and a great time together!
Malin is very excited about the growing scenes of young dancers all over the world and can’t wait to come back to Glasgow to meet all of them for a weekend full of fun and dancing!


Carol-Ann has danced more years than not and enjoys every minute of it!! Dancing in a range of places, with different dancers and age groups she believes that dancing is for everyone and anywhere. Having been on the Spring Fling committee the last time it was in Glasgow (a few too many years ago now…) she knows how much fun can be had and is really looking forward to having it back, seeing old friends and making new ones.


Computer nerd by day, Scottish Country Dancer by night, Fiona is part of both Spring Fling and Spring Fringe committees. Here at Spring Fling HQ, we feel Fiona’s job as a Software Engineering Lecturer leaves her with too much free time (she disagrees), so we make sure to keep her on her toes (pun intended!). When she isn’t chasing undergrads, speaking at conferences around the world or sending us photos of her gorgeous conference locations to make us jealous, she is busy keeping us all on the straight and narrow and making sure both committees have everything in order. Fiona’s been dancing since she could walk and tells us her favourite part of SCD is the logic of the formations and patterns. Fiona is a well-loved face on the Glasgow dancing scene, where she and her husband both regularly attend the joint Advanced class. We would be absolutely lost without her and are very happy she agreed to join us on our Spring Fling adventure!

Andrea, Sophie, Eilidh & Erika

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