We have several morning and afternoon classes – have a look!

Morning – meet dancers just like you!

Intermediates and Beyond

Fallen in love with SCD? Know the basics but feel like a top-up? Look no further than our Intermediate class. All the fun of the social dance floor with a technically techniquey twist.


For those seeking a challenge with some dance experience under their belts. A mixture of quirky dances and technique focus, our Advanced class will offer a workout for your brain as well as your feet.

Very Advanced / Technical

Not for the faint of heart, this class will cover the weird and wonderful. From the dark and long-forgotten corners of Scottish Country dancing we present obscure transitions and unusual geography, taught to the highest technical standard.

Afternoon – free pick of the fun!

Alasdair Brown Dances

Dances for the brave taught by the man himself! Alasdair is known for his unusual and tricky dances. These dances will test your brains and technique, but you’ll be well rewarded with fun and interesting dances and figures that you’re unlikely to have met before.

Popular Variations

Sometimes rules are meant to be broken! This class will teach you how to add flourishes, claps, extra spins, extra people, and other entertaining changes to your dances. For when a dance just needs an extra cherry on the top.


What could be more Scottish than a weekend of SCD? A weekend of SCD with added Highland! This class will cover a range of dances from our neighbouring dance form. To really keep you on your toes we will work on a mixture of high-impact traditional (yet unusual) Highland with some softer National dances, taught by a fully qualified Highland teacher.